Northern Nigeria: Alhaji vs Alhaji

Ed Kashi



Prince Charles Dickson


Use Religion as a tool to dumb them down…use ethnicity as a tool to fan the embers of hatred and then sit back and watch them burn themselves…The template has remained the same…albeit with slight modifications from time to time…and nothing has changed. If anything, much worse…Folashade Oshun

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Bahrain’s UK-backed human rights bodies used as ‘PR tool’ as abuses continue

Hasan Jamali/AP



Amnesty International

Two UK-supported Bahraini institutions repeatedly trumpeted by the Bahraini and British authorities as evidence of the Gulf country’s supposed human rights progress have proven “woefully inadequate” at addressing serious human rights concerns, said human rights NGO Amnesty International in a new report published.

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The Battle For Curacao

Prince Victor/EPA



Ricardo Swire

Curacao is a Dutch Caribbean island that plays an outsized role in hemispheric affairs. Geographically positioned off the South American coast, Curacao represents a strategic pawn in today’s political tangle between America and Venezuela.

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