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Archive for November 23rd, 2016

Conservatives bristle as Trump backs off Clinton prosecution

Lucas Jackson/Reuters   By Curtis Skinner Some of Donald Trump’s strongest conservative supporters are voicing anger and disappointment at the president-elect’s comments on Tuesday that he might back off his campaign pledge of pursuing a prosecution of former rival Hillary Clinton.

The Impact of Politics and Culture on Pakistan’s Education System

Fayyaz Ahmed   By Muhammad Shoaib Khan Education is the indispensable need of every individual in the society. It is necessary for everyone to seek education. It does not mean holding a degree or cramming books, in fact it’s the knowledge and awareness about everything related to an individual, i.e. the society, culture, norms, values, […]

Control money and you control the individual

By Hazel Speed Having listened to BBC Radio 4 regarding Sweden’s Central Bank and its plans to consider digital banking, thereby eventually abolishing cash completely, I think this will be the most worrying political sea-change, just when we thought we had seen it all in the last couple of years with the UK Referendum (Brexit) […]


AFP photo   By Ron Larson

Court orders Police Officer to defend himself over assaulting TV Journalist in Uganda

By Robert Ssewankambo The Ugandan Buganda Road Court has ordered the former Old Kampala District Police Commander, Joram Mwesigye to defend himself against charges of assaulting a Wavah Broadcasting Services (WBS) TV journalist Andrew Lwanga.

NHS – English required to prove Nationality with Passport and Utility Bill

PA photo   By Hazel Speed There is a certain irony in this because for years, many English people have been annoyed that NHS Forms (and other Government ones), for the sake of political correctness, have not allowed Indigenous English people to say they are English but British, whereas all other UK and world nations […]

Corruption in society under the name of religion

Rehan Khan/EPA   By Shahper Hassan Ours is a terribly sick society that under the cover of religion has taken altogether another path while distorting the meaning of religion. From top government officials down to the peon most of the people are corrupt and the establishment tops the corruption hierarchy.


Daniel Gluskoter/AP   By Don Krieger