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Archive for November 24th, 2016


Jezza Neumann   By Kumbirai Kupfavira

The Southern Cone

By Ricardo Swire Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and the tip of Brazil make up the Southern Cone. Argentinian counter-narcotics teams battle South America’s second largest domestic cocaine market after Brazil.

Investing in Tales of Love for Purging the Diseases of History

By Manjinder Kaur Wratch Traditional history stockpiles bitter memories of the past which slush hatred and create divisions. Literature has a leading edge over traditional history as the creative powers of the writers have always invested in tales of love, compassion and friendship.

How the NHS Can Save and Raise Money

SPL photo   By Hazel Speed First of all the NHS must have spent a huge amount of money putting together the TV campaign telling us to stay well.


Jen Tse   By Wally Swist

Observations of an Expat: Trump’s First Major Diplomatic Faux Pas

AFP photo   By Tom Arms It didn’t take long. Fortunately Donald Trump’s first diplomatic faux pas involved America’s closest and most forgiving ally. But Donald Trump’s tweet that Britain appoint UKIP leader Nigel Farage as British ambassador to Washington won’t be forgotten.