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Observations of an Expat: Disastrous Middle East Victory

Nicole Tung   By Tom Arms It looks as if the fighting in Iraq and Syria will draw to a close in 2017. We won and lost.

Manila residents speak out about Duterte’s war on drugs

Ezra Acayan/Reuters   By Ezra Acayan Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte completes six months in charge today, with the rising death toll from his war on drugs showing no sign of easing.


Michael Comeau   By Lianne Kamp

Bangladesh protests firing at fishermen, demands repatriation of Myanmar citizens

AP photo   By Sheuli Akter Bangladesh has summoned Ambassador of Myanmar to Bangladesh Myo Myint Than to hand over a strongly worded protest note to him over the latter’s firing at Bangladeshi fishermen at the Bay of Bengal on Tuesday.

Indian National Congress must end the dynasty rule

By Siddhartha Rastogi   …..To protect the country and not the party alone

Dickensian times return for children

Leanne Temme/AFP   By Hazel Speed What a dreadful and sad indictment there are so many children sleeping rough in the UK, Oliver Twist being reenacted in real terms in 2016.


David Benthal   By Blank Verse

Mapping Underworld Finances

By Ricardo Swire Cash moves across the world in a matter of seconds, with just one touch of a computer’s keyboard. Technology allows “dirty money” to disappear and with it any chance of confiscation.

In parting shot at Israel, Kerry warns Middle East peace in jeopardy

Darren Ornitz/Reuters   By Lesley Wroughton and Yeganeh Torbati U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry on Wednesday said Israel’s building of settlements on occupied land was jeopardizing Middle East peace, voicing unusually frank frustration with America’s longtime ally weeks before he is due to leave office.

Verdict on Raviraj murder case: Another travesty of justice

By M.K. Eelaventhan The recent acquittal of six accused in the political murder trial of late MP Nadarajah Raviraj is not surprising but it is yet another expected verdict from the Sri Lankan judiciary.

Cash that will never come back in hand – India’s demonetisation story

Ajit Solanki/AP   By Siddhartha Rastogi   Cash withdrawal curbs to continue…


Lakin Ogunbanwo   By Ògbeni Làgbàyí

There are good Nigerians…many good Nigerians

AP photo   By Prince Charles Dickson

Celestial Empire

By Ricardo Swire On Tuesday March 15th 2016 the Barbados Defence Force (BDF) and the Peoples Liberation Army of China signed a multi-million dollar military agreement. The diplomatic protocol signaled another Chinese special equipment contribution to the BDF arsenal.

The Church Map of Kolkata

By Samrat Dey   Numerous European Churches dot the map of Kolkata, thanks to its history of British, French, Portuguese and Dutch cultures.  


By Vatsala Radhakeesoon

No peace for journalists in Iraq

Karim Kadim/AP   By Rafah Al Saad I am calling for the freedom of the Iraqi journalist Afrah Shawqi al-Qaisi.

Peace or War – Revisiting the Nigerian conundrum

By Madamidola Oladele Developments in the Nigerian State from the beginning of the 21st century to date have called for serious pondering on my part. So much water has passed under the Nigerian bridge; many events and catastrophes; many takes and mistakes; minor improvements and major setbacks.


Jewel Samad/AFP   By Ron Larson

Big Brother is always watching: ID now required for UK election voters

Ingur   By Hazel Speed One should always be cautious, in my experience, when something ‘reasonable’ emerges.

‘Black Money’s’ Origin of Funds mystique

AP photo   By Ricardo Swire The “Origin of Funds” policy is selectively enforced, but mandatory where there is no accurate data related to individuals who made suspicious or flagged payments to an American corporation.


By Ngozi Olivia Osuoha

The Grinch at Christmas; reflections from a Red Diaper Baby

Brendan Smialowski/AFP   By Rupen Savoulian The following series of articles, prompted by reflections around the Christmas-holiday season, will contain a mixture of the personal and political.

Observations of an Expat: A Good Year for Me

Negar Mortazavi   By Tom Arms It has been a good year for journalists. I have never known better. There has been an endless march of upsets, twists, turns, worries, cheers, jeers, doom, gloom and unadulterated surprised joy.


David Scholes   By Lianne Kamp

How Breakfast Explains the World!!

Amr Nabil/AP   By Ahmed Tharwat   “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Charles Spurgeon

2016 has been a rocky year for Kenya

Reuters photo   By Joe Khamisi The year 2016 has been a rocky one for Kenyans in many ways.


Pauly Pholwises   By Leslie Philibert

A typical African Christmas celebration

By Joseph Besong Christmas, though a Christian feast, is celebrated with a lot of fanfare in Africa. Everyone in the continent, young, old, rich, Christian, pagan, etc, partake in the feast. If you want to know the hospitality of Africans, visit any country of your choice during the Christmas period.

Totalitarian dominance within African Democracy

By Ogunniyi Abayomi The recent Ghanaian election was observed as the exemplary illustration of a democratic state within its sphere of power. The display of maturity during the election between President Mahama over the loss of the presidential seat to Nana Akufo-Addo exhibited the total value demonstrated for the satisfaction of the masses, rather than […]