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Archive for December 1st, 2016

Much more than constitutional reform at stake in Italian ballot

Tony Gentile/Reuters   By Crispian Balmer Italy’s constitutional reform referendum on Sunday could lead to the resignation of Prime Minister Matteo Renzi, trigger renewed turmoil in the country’s battered banking sector, and push the euro zone back towards the edge of crisis.


David Goldman/AP   By Jennifer N. Shannon

International film award for leading Serbian actor Slaven Došlo

Alina Kisina   By Marcus Agar International acclaim is stacking up for Serbian actor SLAVEN DOŠLO, who earned an Angela Award for his outstanding acting performance in Next to Me / Pored Mene.

Failed Nation: Failed People

George Osodi   By Madamidola Oladele Reading through Professor Akinlawon Ladipo Mabogunje’s autobiography, A Measure of Grace, tears rolled down my cheeks as I read the 27th chapter. “Nigeria: Africa’s Failed Asset” was the title of Sir Olaniwun Ajayi’s publication which the author made reference to. While still weeping, my mind imagined the booming oil, […]

Temperament & Mood of People around the globe is fluctuating, as is the climate

By Siddhartha Rastogi Japan experienced a massive Earthquake a few days ago, followed by snow in Tokyo city after 54 years. The Philippines has been struck by five deadly typhoons in the last decade itself, displacing over four million citizens. India has witnessed three consecutive droughts just before 2016 and is witnessing ever decreasing monsoon […]


Tyson Ritter   By Michael Marrotti

The Wail of Mr Wole Wole

By Amore David Olamide “The elders are not meant to behold the instigate of a contorted head” but when it happens; there isdefinitely a jumbo catastrophe in pends of coming.

A Symbiotic Relationship

Ricardo Arduengo/AP   By Ricardo Swire The rise of Caribbean crime is characterized by use of more powerful weapons, resulting in higher mortality levels. The illegal guns and drugs trades form a symbiotic relationship, a dualism that has caused an increased display of violent aggression throughout Caribbean communities.