December 7, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Edward Wexler



Florence Logarta



Blindfolded Lies



Severe, unspoken barrier

Separating the delusion of a safe shore

And the endless stretch of untamed sea

Will you break it for me?


Like a mouse at play

Ignorant of a tom at bay

With untouched but spoilt cheese

Help me please, come what may?


Like hands cloaked around

A man’s blindfolded eyes

You’d be key to my epiphany

But a ruthless end to my reverie


Now shatter the boundary

Whisper “danger” to the callow mouse

For it is then that I begin to see

The lies that once constricted me









Tea Cup Empty



Oh cup of tea

Of smothered finery

That empty cup

I used to be


Oh cup of tea

A lone victory

A teacup full

Once pleased me


Oh cup of tea

And my false certainty

You quench me today

Lest I’d spill you free












Florence Logarta

Florence Logarta is a bookworm with a hobby of rendering abstract ideas harvested from books to fresh and original works of poetry and art. Her ultimate goal is to introduce unique interpretations to viewers through her works. She is currently a nominee of Cosmofunnel’s Poetry Contest.


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