Trump and the Palestinian State

Kobi Gideon/GPO



Dr. Fadi Elhusseini

Trump’s victory was a real shock, not only for decision-makers in every single capital on this planet, but also to experts and observers who saw nothing but a landslide triumph for the Democrats and Hillary Clinton.

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The Red Beret Minister, the Falcons and that Ewu Gambia


Prince Charles Dickson

Throughout last week, it was the usual one week, one problem, but really none could beat the saga between the Super Falcons (Nigeria’s female soccer team) and the nation’s sporting authorities. Let us review it together.

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NHS – Paramedics, Hospitals and Patients

Emma Satchell



Hazel Speed

In recent times I have been edified of stories and situations which prove any ambitions the Government may have regarding NHS issues are not going to happen soon and probably not for a decade or more, if then, who can know or guess.

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The Beautiful World of U-Turns


Siddhartha Rastogi

Would Matteo Renzi, outgoing Italian Prime Minister stage a comeback in the next election? Seems like he would give a strong fight to the right wing 5 star movement (M5S) from the trends the Western World is witnessing.

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