Will UNHRC live up to its commitments to Sri Lanka?

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Thambu Kanagasabai

Sri Lanka became a member of the United Nations in 1955, bound with obligations to observe the provisions of the United Nations and other United Nations Conventions, and as a member of the Human Rights Council.

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Treason added to charges for tribal king Mumbere in Uganda

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Gloria Nakiyimba

The Omusinga of the Rwenzururu Kingdom Charles Wesley Mumbere has been charged with treason. The tribal king of the Rwenzururu people in the Rwenzori Mountain region in western Uganda appeared at the magistrate court in the eastern town of Jinja on Wednesday.

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Synchronicity and propriety

Edward Hopper



Hazel Speed

I was preparing to go for a hospital appointment, one which had been put back about three times due to the Doctors’ strike. This is said from the perspective of why the detail herein below is even more synchronistic, as the delays regarding my appointment had a feel that the dice was being rolled a few times before the date and time was set in stone. This article is not, therefore, about the Doctors’ strike.

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The Third Border


Ricardo Swire

Caribbean nations’ importance as the US “third border” is often overlooked. America and Canada depend on law enforcement cooperation in illegal drug trafficking, migrant smuggling and financial crimes that threaten both foreign and regional security interests.

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QRC Okoyong, Cameroon celebrates its diamond jubilee


Joseph Besong

Queen of the Holy Rosary College (QRC) Okoyong was the first girls’ secondary school in Cameroon. QRC Okoyong was created by the Missionary sisters of Holy Rosary from Ireland in 1956. During this time the place of the female child in Cameroon was the kitchen while their male counterpart went to school to better their life. The Catholic Church through this group of dedicated religious congregation took the first step to give the girls the best gift which was an education. Cameroonian girls saw the light and QRC Okoyong became the first place the first girls said goodbye to illiteracy, early marriages, early child birth, and the joy was fantastic.

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