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Archive for December 19th, 2016

Feint of Technology

Jayanta Dey/Reuters   By Ananya S Guha I am not an economist so I will not be able to critique the effects of demonetisation in India. Learned pundits including economists have given and are continuing to give their views.

Who are you friends with today?

AFP photo   By Siddhartha Rastogi   In Politics you don’t have friends or foes, you have only Opportunity! Opportunity!! & Opportunity!!!


Jason Reed/Reuters   By Ron Larson

Do as I say!

Brian McDermid/Reuters   By Jerry Vilhotti

Prisoners Riot in Winson Green Prison, UK

PA photo   By Hazel Speed Prisons in the UK are in crisis. Understaffing, overcrowding and suicides.


AFP photo   By Tad Gruchalla-Wesierski