December 21, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Peter Maeck



Jennifer Criss



The End of the Line



I watch the woman on the bus stare out the window.

Does she read the street signs or watch the people?

Her reflection stares back, but without the wrinkles-

a perfect rendition of a former self

before the heartbreak and the struggles.

I watch the woman on the bus stare out the window

and I think about her life instead of wallowing in mine and wonder

who is waiting for her and the end of her journey?

Because that’s the thing isn’t it?

Who’s going to be there the end of the line?










She turns to tell her mother the most wonderful, fantastic, exciting thing,

but when she turns her mother isn’t there.

She’s a few steps back, attention held elsewhere.

Just like always just ever so slightly out of reach.

With the glimmer in her eye extinguished,

she turns back and moves on-

forgetting the most wonderful, fantastic, exciting thing she was going to say.










The room was cloaked in darkness.

The only light a strip of moonlight

dripping through the curtains- across the carpet.

The only sound is the gentle hum of the ceiling fan.

You’re awake, still awake-

thinking about every goddamned thing

as if it were life and death.

Stop, turn it off, let it go.

But it won’t stop, it won’t even slow down.

You’re awake, still awake-

watching the clock as seconds, minutes, and hours pass.

You can’t solve the world’s problems

in your bugs bunny pajamas.

You weren’t even asked to.

Those problems, they’re not yours.

You’re awake, still awake-

no closer than you were hours ago.

Stop, turn it off, let it go.











Jennifer Criss

Jennifer Criss graduated from Ball State University with a minor in Creative Writing and Criminal Justice. She writes mostly short stories, but has recently discovered a love for writing poetry. Her work has been published in Poebita, Whispers, The Poet Community and in several print anthologies. The NY Literary Magazine nominated her for the Pushcart Prize this year. Jennifer is currently collaborating on an anthology for older adults and is the Art Editor for the Indiana Voice Journal.


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