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Archive for December 22nd, 2016

Totalitarian dominance within African Democracy

By Ogunniyi Abayomi The recent Ghanaian election was observed as the exemplary illustration of a democratic state within its sphere of power. The display of maturity during the election between President Mahama over the loss of the presidential seat to Nana Akufo-Addo exhibited the total value demonstrated for the satisfaction of the masses, rather than […]

How the blasphemy laws in Pakistan enable abuse

Sohail Shahzad/EPA   By Amnesty International Pakistan’s blasphemy laws are often used against religious minorities and others who are the target of false accusations, while emboldening vigilantes prepared to threaten or kill the accused, a new report by human rights NGO Amnesty International states.


Pius Utomi Ekpei/AFP   By Wole Oguntola

For ‘2nd January’ People

PA photo   By Hazel Speed It is not everyone who enjoys Christmas and/or New Year Celebrations, for a host of different reasons.

Bangladesh receives $360 million World Bank financing to improve waterway connectivity

Erik Nora   By Sheuli Akter To help the poor population living in remote areas, Bangladesh has launched a project to construct 14 landing stations in shoals, where often waterways are the only mode of transportation.


Swarat Ghosh   By Sandeep Sharma