December 30, 2016 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

David Benthal






World of Dogmatism



While a dullard coins mint even in his dream, a thinker digs well of wisdom in adversity…

On mundane picture of time, desires are for sale and wishes are auctioned for less than a penny…


In the world of dogmatism where all the self declared scholars sound same;

wise man’s utterances are challenged and asked, with your dense tone, what will you gain?…


They are the Monarchs and they are the nobles, they write rule books to dictate the kingdom…

The frogs in an unnatural pond play devotional splash with each other in desperation for stardom…


Then the philosopher-desolate of soul starts believing: yes, there exists “Hardy’s Vengeful God” up there in the sky;

Who makes him say logical facts which are laughed at and looked down with disdain by the chauvinistic swarm…













I began writing, purely, for my own pleasure … Crafting poetic lines truly gave me an immense pleasure of producing intellectual property … Though I was enjoying writing, I never shared my work on a professional platform … Recently, I felt the need to bring my work into the light and share with true poets, readers and experts in the literature world … I am taking this bold step of sharing my work with the big poetic world with hope and positivity; and I truly feel my words should reach the right and larger audiences.

I was born and brought up in Pune, India … I did my Bachelor of Arts from Pune University … now I live in Australia … Since my college days English Literature has fascinated me and I started learning figurative and poetic language of literature on my own; that inspired me to write poems.

I don’t believe that college degrees and certificates are the end of learning as Maxim Gorky’s work “My Universities” expresses his disappointment with books and he believed the world was his real university; so I am still a student and trying to improve my writing in the company of the world’s poets.


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