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Is It Poetry



Political Causes And Issues Behind Assassinations



Policies for oppressing the poor and minorities,

others may lay in authoritarian policies.

Using one’s unexpected rise to power,

who are able,

to divide the population, usually through fear and hate.


Hitler did.


When a child appears in a school that your child attends,

and speaks of that which their parents attest, that

The newly elected official has allowed.

Then will the seed of their mean fear appear.


Decent, thoughtful Germans

could not represent which was right, like now at

the risk of being killed or their businesses being

specifically targeted.


This can only happen in a country that lacks an efficient

mechanism for leadership change.

And the will and the means to enforce it.

Where the welfare of the people are ignored and a vacuum

can be filled by new leadership,

That the populace Respects and adores.






Our Democracy She Is



Our democracy

She is

As unknowing as a


So guide her well.


For her to grow

I bow

My head to hear

Her sing

About the truth


Some won’t share.



My mind conceives


Child that we bare.



If it be the truth


Not through



It’s only then


Each your


To you draw near.







Is It Poetry

Being from Tampa Florida, I am James McLain, the father of my daughter and like some of you and being tall and true, it’s as such. The tree a bush, and all those other lovely southern words, we each and each is us, we make and still of thought we use and think when make sufferance to the other.

I enjoy creating poetry and writing on everything about you, I have learned through the fire, what one can.


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