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Archive for February 1st, 2017

Trump is the el-Sisi of America

AFP photo   By Ahmed Tharwat General el-Sisi, in one of his bizarre revelations, told the Egyptian people that he is blessed by a divine wisdom. Everyone laughed, social media exploding with jokes and satirical postings, but apparently, Donald Trump isn’t laughing. He agrees with what General el-Sisi says and does!

Philippines: The Police’s murderous war on the poor

Noel Celis/AFP   By Amnesty International Acting on instructions from the very top of government, the Philippines police have killed and paid others to kill thousands of alleged drug offenders in a wave of extrajudicial executions that may amount to crimes against humanity, human rights NGO Amnesty International said in a new report published.


Toru Hanai/Reuters   By Nicole B Hicks

French police search Fillon office as fraud affair rocks campaign

Pascal Rossignol/Reuters   By Emile Picy and Chine Labbé French police searched presidential candidate Francois Fillon‘s office in parliament on Tuesday as an inquiry into alleged fake work by his wife threatened his campaign and party leaders began to consider a ‘Plan B’ without him.

Trump’s immigration policy and the war within America

Justin Sullivan/AFP   By Ogunniyi Abayomi Immigration was born out of slavery, war and ethnic clashes, ensuing individuals to seek greener pastures across the border. Events and the tragedies of terror within Arab and African societies prompted the sympathetic movement of migrating to the west, absconding the horrendous atmosphere across their regions.

Opposite sides of a dirty coin

Matt Cardy/AFP   By Hazel Speed Having survived the schemes Mrs Thatcher put in place to make life hard for the unemployed during her reign, I had hoped that things might have improved by 2017.

T&T President’s Death Warning

HR photo   By Ricardo Swire On Sunday January 15, 2017 at 11:00am, Trinidad & Tobago Police Service’s (TTPS) Command Center received a death threat against the country’s President, Anthony Carmona.

Aroma, the most powerful sales tool

AFP photo   By Siddhartha Rastogi For centuries man has been evolving and, during this evolution, his usage of senses, for his needs and purpose has been evolving too, humans, as we all know having five sensory organs, eyes, ears, nose, tongue and skin.