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Archive for February 3rd, 2017

Observations of an Expat: I am a Liberal

Jonathan Ernst/Reuters   By Tom Arms The Brexiteering Trump supporter narrowed his eyes, curled his upper lip, glared at me and sneeringly stuttered: “You…you…LIBERAL.”

Amina’s defeat a personal blow to Uhuru Kenyatta

By Joe Khamisi Two significant events occurred this week in the eastern African region that stewed emotions and anger of Kenyans in equal measure.

Thump, RasPutin, and World Domination

Stevo Vasiljevic/AFP   By Wayne F Burke

On the run from Boko Haram, Nigeria’s lost children hope to find families again

Kieran Guilbert/Reuters   By Kieran Guilbert Running his fingers over the wide scars on his knee and thigh, 13-year-old Usman recalled the moment he thought he would die.


David Carson   By Eric Allen Yankee

United – a film honouring the Busby Babes

BBC photo   By Hazel Speed When I was a young child in 1958, I recall hearing radio news which informed the world that sadly, the aeroplane carrying the Manchester United football team from Munich Airport had crashed and only a few had survived.

Political Masks

Dieu Nalio Chery/AP   By Ricardo Swire During fourteen months of Presidential campaigning the “Banana Man” vowed to eliminate corruption and modify Haiti’s legal institutions. Public scepticism was reflected in a low 21% voter turnout for the national election on Sunday November 20th 2016.


Anoop Antony   By Pijush Kanti Deb