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Archive for February 8th, 2017

Media, Activists and the violent narrative

Afolabi Sotunde/Reuters   By Prince Charles Dickson In recent times the Nigerian news media and social media feeds are bombarded with images of spectacular extremist violence and increasingly aggressive and bellicose rhetoric from politicians and pundits. This coverage warrants a close look, as public discourse sinks to new lows in justifying violence against entire racial […]

Trump’s seven first steps to sabotage human rights

AFP photo   By Amnesty International Since taking over at the White House, US President Donald Trump has wasted little time putting into action his poisonous campaign rhetoric. In his first couple of weeks in office, he pushed through a series of repressive executive orders that threaten the human rights of millions at home and […]

John Bercow – Do What It Says On The Tin!

AP photo   By Hazel Speed Many have been astonished by the comments made by the Speaker of the UK Parliament during a debate in the House of Commons on Monday.


AFP photo   By Mary E Lohan

History Beckons

James Stone   By David Adejumo   The value of history to Nation building

Housing: The Homeless, the Renter and the Owner

Matthew Lloyd/AFP   By Hazel Speed The UK Government yesterday put forward a White Paper relating to Housing Issues.

The Success of Cameroon at Afcon 2017

Gabriel Bouys/AFP   By Ennin Kwaku Godfred   The 5 Important┬áLessons for all.


Vlad Sokhin   By Jordan Dean