February 8, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Mary E Lohan



Rise of the Detractors

Dedicated to those who propagate Fake News



We are used

to the definition

of Patriot


one who protects the ship

at all costs

even if the cost is life


but now,

there are insurgents

amongst us






those who look like us

dress like us,

but are not like us


who’d rather

fill the boat with water

or gauge the boat with holes


claiming to inform


because of them, by and large,

we are divided amongst ourselves


friend against friend

kin against kin

more vulnerable to the foe


swiftly going nowhere.









Trump Presidency: Two Weeks of 2017



New business reins


two weeks,

four executive orders

build the wall,

close the borders,

remove Obama-care —


take it all back.


We, the People,

shall reign,


We who have been forgotten

… forgotten no more.













Mary E Lohan

Ivy league educated poet. I graduated from Columbia University with a degree in Literature-Writing. I’ve been writing poetry ever since I can remember, and simply love the works of Jane Kenyon, Lynda Hull, Pablo Neruda, Alexander Pushkin, and W.B. Yeats, to name a few.


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