The Arab World: What Went Wrong

Karam Al-Masri/AFP



Sami Jamil Jadallah

In order for the Arab world to catch up with the rest of the world, not in buying weapons or engaging in more wars (27 wars among Arabs only and counting), but to catch up in education, science, technology, vocational training, job training, employment and rights of citizenship, it must stop blaming its failures on “colonialism”, “Zionism” or “American Imperialism”, and instead address the social, educational, political, economic, military, security and religious institutions that contributed to such failings.

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South Sudan refugees pass 1.5 million

B. Gezahegne



Male Daniel

The United Nation High Commission for Refugees stated that South Sudan has become Africa’s largest refugee crisis “With no solution in sight, refugee numbers from South Sudan crossing the 1.5 million mark.”

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Where is the Moral Compass in Parliament?

PA photo



Hazel Speed

It was quite interesting the other day to watch The House of Lords commence their early debates on Brexit, a most sedate and honourable debate (no pun intended).

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To the Government of Zimbabwe: I fear for my life


Mbizo Chirasha

I am a Zimbabwean, Zimbabwe is the country in which I was born. It is my country. I don’t have another home except Zimbabwe. I need to live freely in my country of birth. Why do I not get the freedom I need? I wait and watch people gambling and playing games with my life, my freedom, my peace, my health  and any other freedoms.

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