February 13, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Nigel Parry



Jenny Santellano



Just Give Me Wine, Donald



I think the pain killers

wore off, and I’m not

sure how long I have

until the real world

comes creeping

up my ass again


Sit with me

Say something

that will make me

feel special, like

the rest of your

supreme collection


When we’re through

you can toss me back

into the trash before

those naughty neighbors

see you and find out

they weren’t invited

to the ultimate smashing

party on Spin street

I can see Chernobyl

from your window!













Jenny Santellano

Jenny Santellano is a poet who tends to muse about the darker side of human nature. You can find more of her poetry in various journals and e-zines such as Scarlet Leaf Review, Random Poem Tree, Section 8 Magazine, The Beatnik Cowboy, and Dead Snakes.


  1. Leslie DeLuca February 16, at 18:26

    Highly impressionable, riveting piece precisely accurate for current times... stunner.


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