Observations of an Expat: Mind The Gap

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Tom Arms

Mind the Gap. Three very familiar monosyllabic words for anyone who has travelled on the London Underground. The taped announcement is a warning to beware of the potentially dangerous space between the railway carriages and the platform. But it has a political meaning too.

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Uhuru Kenyatta uses old Moi tricks to win votes

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Joe Khamisi

It is grindingly dizzying to see what Uhuru Kenyatta is doing months prior to the general elections.

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Some Station Waiting Rooms operating two tier systems


Hazel Speed

South East Rail (as opposed to issues with Southern Rail) are showing a discrimination to those with Freedom Passes in that they will not give passengers (their off-peak clients) access to waiting rooms that are now and have been for years, combined with cafe concessionaries despite former waiting rooms often being boarded up and out of use.

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Drought Crisis In Kenya

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Cynthia Meru

The #EmbraceAFamily Campaign by the Kenya Red Cross Society is appealling to all Kenyans, Partners and Stakeholders to join them and help tackle the ongoing drought crisis by supporting one family for a month by donating 3000 Kenya Shillings.

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