February 21, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Samuel Son



I Am The Immigrant



I am yellow

and black

and brown

and mulatto.


I am the chink and the gook you confuse

I am the jap you fenced like a dog

I am the Jew you sent back to the chambers

I am the French you shipped back for treason

I am the Yank you suspected and shot

I am the Cracker you derided and shot

I am the you that you refused a sanctuary for


I am the sacrifice on the altar of Securitas


I am red




and blue



I am the red

                        blood of your rivers



                       bones of your walls


      and blue

                     sea of your graves


I am the terrorist

     drying redskins fetching a penny

I am the terrorist

     hanging black bodies

     that don’t know their places


I am middle eastern

the wild eyed, scraggy bearded Jesus knocking at your door

I am not Christian but I am the Christ you crucify


I am your father, your mother,

for we are all children of Tigris and Euphrates

I am your son and daughter,

orphans of our mother earth.


I am the tired, the poor, the huddled mass





I am

the America

you ban






The immigration ban stirred memories of the racial slurs I face/d, and how it has been used in American history to dehumanize the other making it easier, even a perverse patriotic duty, to reject, oppress and finally kill the alien/foreigner; but ultimately, the person we dehumanize is ourselves. Especially for America, built on the idea as the land of immigrants, the battle over immigration is a battle over the soul/identity of America.











Samuel Son

Writer, Columnist, Poet, Preacher.


  1. Leslie DeLuca February 22, at 02:25

    So so very powerfully profound, so very masterfully written as it was highly engaging, relatable to today's society of which at times I'm really disgusted and ashamed to be a member of the human race and a bystander as this is all happening and has been as such for decades while under our watch. I admire your stance so very beautifully and poetically delivered upon our eyes, indelibly imprinted into our retinas, consciousness and souls. Outstandingly magnificent. Thank you.

    • Samuel Son March 01, at 20:44

      Thank you for your encouraging words. If these words can waken us into the true American identity of freedom for all, then I feel they have been useful. I was inspired by Langston Hughes poem,Let America be America Again. It is a poem, I think, every American child should read.

      • Leslie DeLuca March 04, at 21:52

        You're so very welcome and thank you for replying as I had another chance to read this extremely impressionable written piece that shouts out for our attention...rightfully so.


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