One Nation – the UKIP-ization of Australian politics

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Rupen Savoulian

One Nation, the anti-immigrant ultra-right wing political party, has made a huge comeback into Australian politics in the wake of the July 2 2016 federal election. This requires a number of observations to explain its rise, the underlying factors for its reemergence into national prominence, and its impact on Australian political life.

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Germany’s ‘man of the streets’ Schulz plots path to defeat Merkel

Fabrizio Bensch

Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters



Paul Carrel and Holger Hansen

His only experience of governing in Germany is as a town mayor. She is Europe’s most powerful leader. Yet Martin Schulz wants to end Angela Merkel’s 11-year run as chancellor and fundamentally shift Germany’s role in Europe. He might just pull it off.

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Combating Israel’s Drug Trafficking Underworld

Jim Greenhill



Ricardo Swire

Medinat Yisra’el, or State of Israel, is located in the Mediterranean Sea’s eastern end. The government operates from Jerusalem, the self-proclaimed capital, its status as Israel’s official city not widely recognized internationally.

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