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Cem Yurtseven



Hira Azhar




Live Your Life Till You Can

(A Personal Obituary)



Coming as a whiny weakling; going as a wily wakening

Living as a shining light; dying as a winding flight

Talking as a skillful scholar; listening as a sinful extoller

Waking as a joyful dream; sleeping as a struggling stream

Breathing as a raging fire; lying as an aging lyre


Here lived a man of desire; here rested a bone in pyre

Here walked a flesh of gold; here stayed a speck too old

Here stood a heart of ire; here laid a tomb of spire

Here flew a bird of wings; here landed a shred of strings

Here ruled a king of power; here crept a thing of hour


Farewell to glowing sun; farewell to growing fun

Farewell to rusty Earth; farewell to dusty hearth

Farewell to hovering sky; farewell to recovering eye

Farewell to those I love; farewell to those I shove


My days are gone; my light is blown

My heart is stopped; my life is cropped

I lie in coffin in front of you

To pay my regards to all of you


Live your life till you can

Before you are taken away from the clan












Hira Azhar

Hira is a freelance Writer and Poet from Rawalpindi, Pakistan.


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