March 8, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Greg Constantine



Laboni Saif



My Day of Victory



When I feel I am chained,

How can I say

My land is free from opponent?

When I cannot feel safe at home

How can I go out?

To celebrate my day of victory.


My forefather ensured a safe land for me.

By fighting nine months long,

By sacrificing all their belongings,

By giving no care to thy life and or thy children.


What are my present sons doing?

Except demolishing the glory once attained.

Being sheer selfish and confiscating others right

Being shameless and leading a luxurious life.


What will I answer to my successor

When they will arrive and question

Is this the place we have to live?

Where is the glory of your victory

That once you were so proud?


What safety and morality will I leave

To ensure them a better life?

Will that be,

When I will leave

They will suffer and I will be cursed?


How can I celebrate my day of victory?











Mistakes are scattered in the defeated cloud

Amulet of nightmares are hanging on the body’s immure


Island of dream is burning with sigh

A lone bird keeps ashes in their eyes

In the arm of injured afternoon

Mistakes compose a new tune

Dreams are sleepless in the painful night

Like moon is lifeless reflecting no light


Once dreams and incubus walked side by side

Like two parallel lines, never meet in one point


Now rain sings bleak song

My afternoons are alone

In the side pillow of mistake

Nightmare begets white sigh

I look at them with ashes eye…













Laboni Saif

I have completed my graduation on English Literature from the International Islamic University Chittagong, Bangladesh. Currently, I am living in Dhaka. I write poetry and fiction (both in Bengali and English).


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