March 10, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Oinam Anand



Vishal Ajmera






Clandestine world

ruffling emotions

sarcasm of thoughts.

Incessant charm


in the deep hollow chambers of the heart.

Something amiss

words or mere bliss!


Soul ruptured

gallons of tears

lost in worldly fears.

Incessant effervescence


with shadows of virtuality

Something amiss

divinity or mere grace!


Syndrome called life

difficult to decipher

in the argumentative world.

Every soul a story

every effort a cynosure

Life in a lifetime’s

Incessant exposure!











Vishal Ajmera

Vishal is an Indian resident. Over the years, Vishal has developed a penchant for poetry and has established himself as a successful poet cum lyrics writer; composing poetry across several genres encapsulating various aspects of life from psychology, nature to imagery. With contributions in several international anthologies and magazine publications, his journey in the ‘poetic world’ continues unabated. Apart from poems, Vishal is an ardent music lover and plays guitar.


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