March 10, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Nivedita Dey






Faceless strangers in my sleep

Court, coax,

Bemused by heady evanescence

I make ravenous love

To phantom hearts, burning minds

Contours of their humanity


Nameless countries in my eyes

Float, vex,

Beckoned by their unseen palms

I search for unknown maps

Of strangely familiar white walls

Courtyards alive in parallel worlds


Ageless Soul in this cage

Thrive, perplex,

Baffled by quests of real unreal

I jostle with untimely fears

To soar on wings of the Timeless

Carefree of this time and space








Years – Don’t Count!



Another roll of raisin dates

Passes by

As milk train in the night

Clattering iron wheels

Of fortune, misfortune


Web of shadows and Light


Guns splattering

An overworking brain

And roses blooming

In the inner pool

Where a Frog gestates

Lazily sungazing on lotus leaf

All knowing half smile


To my dragonfly

“Ah well! Then

Wake me again

When you’re spent

And done with your counting

Wounds and wins!”












Nivedita Dey

Nivedita Dey is a full time poet, mental health activist and blogger, holding a postgraduate degree from Stella Maris College, Chennai, India. Born in a middle class Bengali family she calls herself a Cosmopolitan with heart rooted in several cities Pan-India, thus belonging to multicultures. She began writing from the tender age of eight. In 2006, she won the Best Student Paper Award in Katha Asia International Utsav, Delhi, competing among University students from all over Asia. Through the years her works have been published both nationally and internationally and her poetry widely featured in reputed literary international magazines.

Nivedita’s poetic philosophy is one of Hope and Humanism, seeking not to deny the stark realism of post-WWs era, rather to transcend and alter this postmodern gloom. She writes to express the Personal as Political with a burning passion to make positive difference to the metamodern world through her art. Her works can be further read on her blog https://larkspurlane.wordpress.com.


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