Fukushima: A deadly environmental threat beyond the Pacific

Reuters photo



Zeeshan A. Shah

In March 2011 Japan was devastated by a deadly earthquake followed by a giant Tsunami that led to the deaths of over 6000 people. Six years after, the areas of Northern Japan bear witness to a wasteland inhabited by wild boars as human populations had vanished after the Fukushima Nuclear disaster.

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Nicola Sturgeon may be sealing her own fate

PA photo



Hazel Speed

Nicola Sturgeon has painted herself into a corner by thinking it is now or never, to push for another Scottish Referendum.

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19 killed in DRC traffic accident

Mussa Mwangoka



Byobe Malenga

A FUSO brand vehicle from the Sebele market to the city of Baraka earlier this week overturned in the village of Kakomba, 8 kilometers south of Baraka in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s Fizi Territory, carrying passengers and cargo.

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