Behind Enemy Lines

Reuters photo



Zeeshan A. Shah

Over the last few decades Pakistan has gone through a major paradigm shift, both within its strategic placement within the region and with its allies all over the globe.

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3-Jobs George – Swivel Door Ethics

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Hazel Speed

Recently, I wrote a piece on George Osborne – What is a man’s worth? Given the obscene amount he was to earn for doing very little in respect of financial advice, many thought that was bad enough, however on Friday, it was announced that he is to have a third job – namely Editor of the London Evening Standard newspaper.

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South Sudan refugee crisis escalates: Uganda and region in urgent need of assistance

UNHCR photo



Male Daniel

Eight months after fresh violence erupted in South Sudan, a famine produced by the vicious combination of fighting and drought is now driving the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis.

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Buhari’s men are not working


Prince Charles Dickson

And finally the ministerial list was read on the floor of the Upper Chamber of Nigeria’s National Assembly, and in a few hours the nation was under the couch, the wailing wailers and the body language experts went into over drive. Timeline was October 2015, and I penned my thoughts…today a memo yet to be denounced by the small midget of Kaduna is flying around and I find it necessary to rehearse my thoughts again in this admonition.

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Senior Ugandan Police Officer Gunned Down

Bukedde photo



Gloria Nakiyimba

Ugandans are still reeling from the chilling murder of senior Police officer, Assistant Inspector General of Police Andrew Felix Kaweesi. Kaweesi was shot several times on Friday morning by armed gun men who were moving on a motorcycle commonly known as “boda boda” in Uganda.

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