Kashmir: Born to Fight

Mukesh Gupta/Reuters



Muhammad Shoaib Khan

If you want to see heaven on earth, then you should visit the land of beauty, aka Kashmir. This land of beautiful sceneries, with fresh water rivers and lush green trees is situated in the north of Pakistan. It is considered a Paradise, a dream place for living. In ancient times, this land was called “Kashyapamar” (after Kashyapa) that later became Kashmir.

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IFRC launches emergency appeal for Myanmar refugees in Bangladesh

AP photo



Sheuli Akter

Thousands of people who have sought refuge in south eastern Bangladesh, having fled violence in the northern area of Rakhine State in neighbouring Myanmar are now living in unplanned and overcrowded settlements where living conditions are extremely poor.

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Brexit: Article 50 to finally be filed with the EU

Reuters photo



Hazel Speed

It was announced on Monday that the Prime Minister will be sending the formal letter re Brexit (Article 50), to the EU representative on Wednesday 29th March 2017 and will also be present in Parliament to formally notify the House on the same day.

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Jamaica introduces ‘Bullettrax’

Alexander Richter



Ricardo Swire

More than 70% of Jamaica’s murders involve either illegally imported guns or ammunition. Jamaica’s Ministry of National Security recently introduced BULLETTRAX to improve forensic ballistic technology used by local security agencies, especially the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF).

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