March 21, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

M Duncanson






Beloved’s Botanical Garden



Give me the book of your heart and botanical garden of your soul

Your ambrosial stories written on them, I wish to decode


You keep writing droplets of drugs and I will keep reading them all

To nurture that narrative plant, I will embed it behind my nectary fall


Yours is the only season, I wish to inscribe on my chastity

For my inflorescence, that is the only known path to divinity


In your stories, excavate my reticent motifs, talk to my longing root

Under the weedy grass, they are hibernating in earthen soot


Your long awaited leisurely poesy must visit my recently flourished batch

While I change from hues to hues, you recite your poems to my ripen leaves

and ever springing patch


If you read plainly for my green boughs riotous,

and leave amorous notes for my parched veins avaricious,

perhaps, my blossom will symbolically fling longer

Hidden birds in thicket of boughs will circulate pious pain,

for remains of foliage to learn to sing the songs of nester’s reign.








He Said



He said “come by the sky, at full moon light and in the kohl of night; with the ascendant fibres of moon…And forget not to lay crescents on the forest route…Just sow them once and they will grow enchanting scents from befriended favourite flowers of ours…That way, he can write his fragrance of love at Moonless Verse”


He said “come by the fire, at deep turmeric country site and in the chiming lips of bright; with the smudging painting of sun…And forget not to bring previous heaven’s all stars and their shimmer…Just sprinkle them once and they will lit up senses eternal…That way, he can write his sketch of love at Daydream Verse”


He said “come by the water, at one drop of nectar on monarch flower and lotus filled lake in the solitude garden…And forget not to fill the pitcher from the near by murmuring river…Just spill the potion of life on the way to holy shrine…That way, he can write his floating molecules of love at Barren Verse”


He said “come by the earth, at coarsely broken time and at moistened clay ready to take shape of a sculpture…And forget not to pick pieces of oasis from Eve and Adam’s yore; to conceal mirages, just weave artwork of fertile piece of purple culture…That way, he can write his aura of love at Petrichor Verse”


He said “come by his universe, at the beckoning laughter and at scent of a sigh to move the gloom and to hold the time patch in memoir room…And forget not to bring seasons; his Summers and my Monsoons; his Autumns and my Springs and set them free on his romantic novel…That way, he can write his everlasting love at Aphrodite Verse”












I began writing, purely, for my own pleasure … Crafting poetic lines truly gave me an immense pleasure of producing intellectual property … Though I was enjoying writing, I never shared my work on a professional platform … Recently, I felt the need to bring my work into the light and share with true poets, readers and experts in the literature world … I am taking this bold step of sharing my work with the big poetic world with hope and positivity; and I truly feel my words should reach the right and larger audiences.

I was born and brought up in Pune, India … I did my Bachelor of Arts from Pune University … now I live in Australia … Since my college days English Literature has fascinated me and I started learning figurative and poetic language of literature on my own; that inspired me to write poems.

I don’t believe that college degrees and certificates are the end of learning as Maxim Gorky’s work “My Universities” expresses his disappointment with books and he believed the world was his real university; so I am still a student and trying to improve my writing in the company of the world’s poets.


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