April 5, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Thahnan Ferodus



Nurul Hoque



Pain of innocence soul



Yes friend! Last night I saw you full of tears

Lots of pain comes down from an unseen state

I have turned out myself with mist my dear

Again I told you, we are really a wonder mate.


Distance is no matter though I never seen yet

Bird from green forest taken your memories me

Our love is not only a love what we create

You’ll live inside me as I thought what would be


Pain of innocence sprayed through the heart

And I know I felt every vein in the whole night

Estrangement makes me cut as many part

Thus I could not close me all or my eye sight


Inconceivable emptiness played me with pain

What you are suffering more again and again








When you say you love me



When you say you love me that’s right.

But I moved to many places for food.

You looked deeply my tender eye sight.

In a fresh and innocent, that is good.


I try to measure the distance between,

Your charming of love and crops grain.

The love makes you many times queen.

Melancholy comes to me by the train.


No droop of rain from up land is cracked.

Here love is infected innutrition and fade.

Peoples of the third world clearly racked.

Lots of scarcity for us has been made.


Your love like a bread of darkness night.

I craved full of joy to up the human right.











Nurul Hoque

Nurul Hoque is a son of the late Mr. Latu Meah of village Porikot, District Comilla about 300 km away from capital city Dhaka. He has taken his graduation of Mechanical Engineering in 1978 and engaged as an Asst Engineer in the same year with Utha International Inc, a company reg in USA for the construction of Hydro Electric Station in his own country.

Later on he moved to many places but at the moment is giving time only for poetry. Except poetry he has forgotten all because poetry is the survival of life. He published 15 poetry books. Mr. Hoque is also an Editor of a monthly literature based paper publish from Dhaka. Now he only knows poetry.


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