April 6, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Ifa Agnes



When I Would Be Old



When I would be old with those feeble hands,

The stammering words and the wrinkled bark

Would I have a hand to go to the final destination,

Or would I be alone, with only my determination.


When my legs would not go further,

When I would be bent on my back,

And can’t stand straight longer,

Would I would have a stick,

That would stick to me,

And let me stay, as I want to be.


When youth have fallen from me,

Like the leaves that fall from a tree,

When I would become a barren land,

Waiting for the last rain to fall free,

Would I have a rainbow to see

That would take me to the last dream.


When my muscles become loose

And sight would faint like foggy luce,

When my skin would be shivering,

And my thoughts would be static,

Would I have eyes of my own,

That would make me watch the last scene.


When  I would be old,

And my every belonging also,

When not all that stayed with me,

Will exist certainly for any longer,

Would I have any companion,

To go with me, by the unknown way to unknown location.











Shivangi Saumya Suhani

Ifa Agnes

A “Simple Girl With Big Dreams”, is what Shivangi Saumya Suhani (Ifa Agnes) says about herself in brief. Being a student of physics, she is a bilingual poet, writer and storyteller too. She lives in her own world of dreams “Somewhere over the rainbow”. She likes to spend her free time alone in nature with soulful music and obviously good books. Well, at her teen age, she has won Tata Building India Poetry Competition and published for several times in Junior Jagran, her short story have got published at Ashvamegh and poem at Swach Bharat app and so on. To her “everywhere is magic cause everywhere is the existence of God”.


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