April 7, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Ron Larson



No Elephant Man



Obama nominated Merrick Garland

To the Supreme Court, the highest in the land.

He’s not Joseph Merrick

From that well know flick,

So Merrick Garland is no Elephant Man.





Political Correctness In Action



Political correctness implies correction,

So I have a suggestion re the Constitution.

Since some slave owners wrote it,

It seems to be altogether fit,

That it should be replaced with a modern version.





Susan Rice



Susan Rice, a former Obama confidant,

Is a strong woman, so she’s no sycophant.

But due to the nature of crime,

If she happens to face jail time,

Could perhaps rat out the former president.





Philadelphia’s Soda Tax



Philadelphia has enacted a soda tax–

A twenty percent increase on a six-pack.

The tax isn’t progressive.

In fact, it’s highly regressive.

That means the working class is getting whacked.











Ron Larson

Ron Larson is a retired community college professor (Ph.D.), and one of his hobbies is writing poetry. Some of his poems have been published in such diverse magazines as Westward Quarterly, Aphelion, Soul Fountain, Big Pulp, The Horror Zine, and, of course, Tuck Magazine. His book 538 Limericks from 2016 Politics was released in December 2016 and is now available on Amazon.


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