Observations of an Expat: Syria, Russia and Trump

Kirill Kudryavtsev/Reuters



Tom Arms

What now in Syria? Will Russia drop its support For Assad? Will the US intervene? Will Assad stay in power? Will Russia come out on top?

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Killing the future in the name of God

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Imad Zafar

Mashal Khan was a 23 year old student of Mass Communication at the Abul Wali Khan university, situated in the city of Mardan in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He was an intelligent, witty and peace loving young man, and a critic of hypocrital values, traditions and the political system.

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United Airlines ‘Shares Flight’ is Descending


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Hazel Speed

Thomas Demetrio, is the name of a Chicago Lawyer which commands respect, (and again, currently, as he seeks to achieve considerable damages on behalf of his Client, Dr Dao), as this ‘Perry Mason’ styled Lawyer is accustomed to taking on the airline industry, inclusive of fatalities through plane or helicopter crashes, etc, so his latest client’s circumstances, that of being forcibly dragged from his legally purchased airline seat (before the United Airlines plane had even left the tarmac), will probably go straight to settlement in an effort to initiate ‘damage limitation’ for this airline.

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Happiness is cheap

Yue Minjun



Vickie Zisman

I have noticed of late a flood of articles on happiness. In both media and social platforms, be it scientific psychological pieces or just rank-‘n-file musings on LinkedIn, FB and such, everybody seems to be frantic on decryption of the happiness formula, and various gurus – self-professed or adulated (like the indefatigable Richard Branson) dispensing wise advice on every virtual corner how to attain this state of bliss.

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