Being grateful – the monotonous refrain that needs to stop

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Rupen Savoulian

A few months back, I wrote of a constant refrain in my life – being told to go back to where I come from. I elaborated the reasons why this particular slogan keeps recurring, why it is totally unnecessary, counterproductive and irritating, and why it should stop. This phrase taps into the deep recesses of white Australian racism and privilege, and is indicative of the level of political thinking currently predominating in Australian society.

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Trump is not Kennedy and this is 2017

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Hazel Speed

Those of us who recall The Bay of Pigs, even though we were children, just by listening to the news and hearing what our parents thought on the issues, we knew that we were at risk of missiles being used. Everyone was nervous. The same feeling has now returned, the threat is more deadly than ever and neither side is bluffing.

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