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Akinola Sesan

Segun Akinlolu, whose performing name is Beautiful Nubia, is a Nigerian folk artist, a cultural and human rights activist, social reformer, poet, novelist, and political critic.

His arts, poetry and music have direct inspiration from cultural episteme and indigenous philosophy. The technique of narration is rooted in both primary and mediated orality.





The artist was born in Ibadan, Nigeria in 1968 and graduated from the University of Ibadan with a doctor of veterinary medicine in 1992 and worked as a veterinary doctor for about eight years. He later held a postgraduate diploma from the Nigeria Institute of Journalism.

In 1997, the artist established a music production and marketing company called Eniobanke.






In 1998, the artist invited several young musicians in Lagos to form a backing band to which he gave the name Beautiful Nubia and the roots renaissance band.

In October 2016, he received an honorary doctor of philosophy in arts from Esep le Berger University in Nigeria’s Benin republic.






The message of his arts is universal with noble themes which value life in its rustic sense, respects culture and embraces love among individuals in society. Nubia’s rich cultural influence pronounced him a master of performative arts whose music can serve as a psychotherapeutic function.








Akinola Sesan

Akinola Sesan is a committed and unconventional writer with many years experience. He has many unpublished collections of poetry and plays to his credit. He is a playwright, theatre adminstrator, poet, novelist and critic. He is the author of “Poems of Metaphysics“, an E-publication on Amazon. Some of his plays have been performed at the department of Theatre arts, University of Ibadan, Osun State University, Ikire Campus and Akinyele local government secretariat, Ibadan. He lives in Ibadan, Nigeria.


  1. Aafolabimi March 29, at 23:31

    Good job. Got to know this from Beautiful Nubia fans group on whatapp. I will like to read more of your works about his songs.


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