Sri Lanka’s Crumbling Credibility

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Kumarathasan Rasingam

The credibility of Sri Lanka in relation to the settlement of the 60 year old ethnic problem of Tamils can be judged from the fate of several pacts, agreements and undertakings which were made from 1956 to 2009 and the Sri Lankan Government’s unwillingness to comply with the implementation of its own undertakings:- LLRC [Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation Commission] recommendations: The August 1 2015 UNHRC Resolution 30/1 and its delaying tactics in implementing the recent similar Resolution in March 2017.

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250,000 demand release of jailed Journalists in Turkey

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Amnesty International

Top journalists, cartoonists and world-renowned artists have joined a campaign to demand the release of more than 120 journalists jailed in Turkey following last summer’s coup attempt and an end to the ruthless crackdown on freedom of expression in the country.

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Carletto’s Way

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Bikash Mohapatra


…is a pragmatic, result-oriented approach that has ensured its propounder unprecedented success. It is based on the most basic of HR concepts: employee engagement.

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Inter-Regional Drugs Movement


Ricardo Swire

A Brazil, Bolivia and Peru agreement sanctioned the trilateral police intelligence center that specifically focuses on drug trafficking in the three countries. Brazil shares extended unguarded borders with Bolivia, Colombia and Peru. Together the trio produce virtually all the global cocaine supply.

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No sympathy was shown to Diane Abbott

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Hazel Speed

It was by pure chance that I happened to hear the radio interview this morning with Labour MP and Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, then later on, was most surprised to see her being interviewed on the BBC’s Daily Politics show.

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