Electronic Media gets a taste of its own medicine

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Imad Zafar

Media has always been an effective tool for manipulating minds. In the early 19th century newspapers were used to manufacture public opinion. With the rise of electronic media, both television, internet and social media, it became easier to propagate agendas and ideologies and to conquer minds. The one who uses the media smartly in his favour wins the war.

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Bangladesh: Dissenting Voices Trapped Between Fear And Repression

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Amnesty International

The Bangladeshi government has not only failed to protect dissenting voices or hold accountable the armed groups that threaten them, it has also stifled freedom of expression through a slew of repressive tactics and new laws, according to a new report published by human rights NGO Amnesty International.

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Brexit, EU and the General Election


Hazel Speed

Yesterday a group of younger non-voters were interviewed due to the fact that most had either never voted, nor had any plans to vote this year or ever.

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Ireland’s Netherlands Factor

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Ricardo Swire

The Republic of Ireland is the main cocaine distribution center for shipments aimed at British users. Seven years ago “Operation Shovel,” an international law enforcement mission, discovered the Costa del Sol criminal empire, valued at £1 billion, international security observers rating Costa del Sol Spain’s most influential cartel.

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