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Archive for May 11th, 2017

EU, GSP+ and Sri Lanka: Promoting or Demoting Human Rights

Reuters photo   By Kumarathasan Rasingam The European Parliament in its session on April 26, 2017 voted in favour of Sri Lanka rejecting a motion tabled by 52 European Union members to deny the additional tariff concessions, approximately 66% on several products including textiles and fisheries imported by European Union members numbering 28 countries. Sri […]

Dawn Leaks Conclusion: Thanks But No Thanks

Reuters photo   By Imad Zafar The Newsgate or Dawn Leaks scandal, after creating rifts between the civil and military establishment, in addition to spreading rumors, has at last reached its conclusion.

The inhuman separation of elderly couples

Reuters photo   By Hazel Speed Over a decade ago now, I heard an elderly person say that the older they got, the more they did not understand life any more.


Reuters photo   By Ron Larson

Cameroon: An open letter

Reuters photo   By Joseph Besong   An Open Letter to the President Of The National Episcopal Conference Of Cameroon (NECC) – Archbishop Samuel Kleda

Local sustainability of IP-centered industries

By Alève Mine Let us investigate the implementability and implications of the pledge: “I’ll structure my ventures so as to keep local IP’s and local resources’ returns local.”

Political Brexit ‘Flapjacker’ Tim Farron

Reuters photo   By Hazel Speed Liberal Democrat leader Tim Farron has repeatedly guaranteed to voters that he will not form any coalitions or deals with any other political parties.

How India functions under Modi – Part One

Reuters photo   By Ratnesh Dwivedi   The Information Office of the Prime Minister of India


Reuters photo   By Nasreen Iqbal Kasana

Iya Wusa Syndrome: Hippie Nigerian Generational Shift

Reuters photo   By Awesu Olaniyi Williams “I don’t know my father’s side of the family…I can’t recognize my cousins on the street.”