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Archive for May 15th, 2017

The untouchable Malik Riaz: a by-product of our system and attitudes

Reuters photo   By Imad Zafar The Bahria Town rampage which claimed the lives of two people, wounded around 150 and left a dozen people paralyzed for life, finally came into the limelight after the Chief Justice of Pakistan took suo-moto notice of the incident.

Act or be Hacked: A Leading Expert’s Proactive Strategies to Prevent Cyberattacks

By Cynthia M. Lardner Cyber Security is always too much – too much money and too much time – until it just isn’t enough. Consider Friday’s news where a ransomware infection infiltrated organizations in 99 countries, including China and Russia. This should be enough to garner everyone’s attention about implementing simple rules for managing personal […]

Return to bigoted anti-Muslim travel ban would cause immeasurable harm

AFP photo   By Amnesty International The Trump administration’s executive order on travel would harm both immigrants and US citizens if allowed to enter into effect, warned huamn rights NGO Amnesty International in a briefing paper released.


Reuters photo   By Ron Larson

Brexit, Barnier and Irish border issues

Reuters photo   By Hazel Speed David Davis, Secretary for Exiting Europe, has voiced his concerns as to the proposed agenda (Phase 1), in respect of discussions between the EU and the UK regarding leaving Europe, and there will be many who agree with him.

A misconstrued status of health and the dicey affairs of political society

AP photo   By Ogunniyi Abayomi ‘Skeptical’, ‘prune’ and ‘glossy’ are terms illustrating the theatrical displays among our political actor cum leaders whose misidentified responsibilities are altered at the expense of shady benefits and services while the enlightened masses are deceived.


Reuters photo   By Alejandro Escudé

Black Market Spillovers

AFP photo   By Ricardo Swire The black market was created for popularly demanded goods and services to be traded in a manner contrary to national law. Annual time series data indicates size and growth of such unreported income and implied tax gap significantly affect a country’s deficit, debt and tax reform totals. Domestic organized […]