Ideological Battles Behind Enemy Lines

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Imad Zafar

Criticism is a healthy thing for society if the intention is to point towards the loopholes or problems. As an analyst, journalist or writer, one needs to identify the weaknesses that are prevailing in society. Quite often while criticizing or analysing situations we the journalists and writers sometimes become activists instead of writers, thus breaching the rule of objective journalism.

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Merkel and Macron agree to draw up roadmap to deeper EU integration

Fabrizio Bensch

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Paul Carrel and Michel Rose

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and new French President Emmanuel Macron agreed on Monday to draw up a roadmap to deeper European Union integration and opened the door to changing the bloc’s treaties to facilitate ambitious reform.

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Moors Murderer Ian Brady dies

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Hazel Speed

It seems not too long ago that the 1960s were with us, but to some bereaved families it must feel like forever, as they have lived the sorrow of having lost a loved one, a child, to the cruel pair of murderers Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.

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Policing the Police

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Ricardo Swire

The United Nations International Commission against Impunity created the Comisión Internacional Contra la Impunidad en Guatemala (CICIG) to conduct a complex exercise reforming the country’s security and judiciary establishments.

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