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Archive for May 17th, 2017

Pakistan–Afghanistan Relations

By Muhammad Shoaib Khan In the eighteenth and nineteenth century, two major powers were overpowering the world; Great Britain and the Russian Empire. Both were expanding in different directions, the former towards the East and North, the latter the West and South.

US and Turkish leaders put best face on ties amid tensions

Kevin Lamarque/Reuters By Ayesha Rascoe Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan told U.S. President Donald Trump on Tuesday his country would not accept Syrian Kurdish fighters in the region but stopped short of directly criticizing a U.S. decision to arm them.


PA photo   By David R Mellor

Nigerian Senator’s Book Launch or an Orchestra of Corruption?

Olatunji Obasa   By Awesu Olaniyi Williams Barely 48 hours ago some of the holiest men in Nigerian politics gathered together to make a concoction to purge our beloved country of corruption.

Labour’s Manifesto or Jeremy Corbyn’s political bucket list?

Reuters photo   By Hazel Speed In political terms, Jeremy Corbyn’s Manifesto may indeed be his political ‘bucket list’.

Fiction: Learning

Mike Harrison   By Ken Poyner

Conflicting Evidence

AP photo   By Ricardo Swire Contrary to predictions of a “majority” shift to Caribbean drug trafficking routes, modern trends reinforce Central America as the main corridor for drug shipments delivered to USA’s 327 land, sea and air points of entry.


By Ennin Kwaku Godfred