May 23, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

Dotun Adegbite



John Jimoh



The Wings of Destiny



Nurtured gracefully in trims and cares

Ages flock unveiling lines of realities

To propel its direction and prowess

A giant effigy to stand or fall

Destiny has got the wings


In the wings of destiny

There is glide, effortlessly to cache!

There is crack, a wasteful life to live!

Nocturnal is divine and divine is nocturnal

O Immortal reigns, my destiny I cling


Hoodwink in the shadow of illusion

Hangs of graces and pleasures

veiling the length of growth

Fragile as it may shrink

There is a river of thrill


The wings are ripe

So firm and tough

Soaring a man to Height undaunted

A pretty cause of life

A support to graft

Providence lays wreath on destiny’s wing!





The Treasure Seed



It’s a seed with some jagged cuticles

It’s a seed so hard and firm in peels

It’s so hard to die to live

It’s been from one hand to the other

Yet no one holds calmness to its mystery

But it must die to live–a mystery in the woods


In the hands of the Parent…a value jettison!

In the hand of the Priest…utter desecration!

In the hand of the Charlatan…fiendish mien!

When not in the know, they crafted it out

Some puffed it to the wind with vague intent

And as it tumbles down the earth

He found the treasure seed


He took it with passion and much delight

Enchanted it and the seed spoke for ardor

It unravels the mystery under its cuticle

It needs to kiss down the earth and dies

Rises again in the mystery of creation

The giant tree with matchless fruits


Merchandise in the time of dearth

He became, so rich and illustrious

Even those that rebuffed it came

Under its plea the treasure seed

In the rich vegetation he found!







John Jimoh

John Jimoh, a Nigerian, is schooled in Bradford University, UK and is a seasoned Computer Software Engineer that has much pleasure in Poetry and other creative works such as musical composition and story lines creation. He got his inspiration for writing from the orchestra lines of hymns sung in local church assemblies.

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