Observations of an Expat: Watery Grave



Tom Arms

There is a growing tendency on the part of the public—and its leaders—to believe what they want to believe. To hear what they want to hear and see what they want to see.

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Before you vote on 8th June – food for thought


Reuters photo



Hazel Speed

History, as we know, often repeats itself and thereby, inclusive therein, people make the same mistakes because few either know, nor are interested in, the events of previous centuries, even when it involved a Civil War where families fought against each other at times, due to believing in the ethos of opposing political sides. The people of the United Kingdom would do well to consult history books relevant to the English Civil War, during the 17th Century.

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Internal Affairs


AFP photo



Ricardo Swire

Recently an in-house watchdog group, comprised of the US State and Justice Departments’ officials, pointed out a series of blunders regarding the conduct of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Foreign-deployed Advisory & Support Team (FAST) operations in Honduras. The May 24,2017 US governmental report questioned three particular DEA/Honduran National Police (HNP) Tactical Response Team (TRT) missions performed with deadly force.

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