Biafra and finding the Nigerian black box


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Prince Charles Dickson

The land of the rising sun…Biafrans, Igbos, the South, Federating units, restructuring…revenue formula are some of the words that are trending, there are hate speeches from all sides, the Jewish Rabbi Nnamdi Kanu having also been in the mix. And if I say that all this is the usual noise, I may only be naive, and if I say it is a serious matter, I would still need to be proved right or else I would been seen as naive.

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Combating Violence with Numbers


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Ricardo Swire

The Inter-American Development Bank’s (IDB) novel executive summary “Restoring Paradise in the Caribbean; Combating Violence with Numbers,” surmised between 2014 and 2015 thirteen percent of Bahamian, Barbadian, Jamaican, Trinidadian and Surinamese residents were victims of crime.

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Saheed Okunola Osupa: The unethical burden of Fuji music



Amore David Olamide


Saheed Akorede Osupa, Ori kan fìlá mefa; is that man with the thunderous silver-tongue and a bighead egomaniac! He’s kindly censorious in his foulmouthed manner and perhaps, industrious as a melodic troubadour of indigenous songs.

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