Mashal Proven Innocent But Society Proven Guilty


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Imad Zafar

A Joint Investigation Team (JIT) in Pakistan, comprised of 13 members, has finally prepared the report regarding Mashal Khan’s lynching.

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The story of Stateless people


AP photo



Mehedi Hasan

The Rohingya is often said to be the world’s most persecuted minority. They are an ethnic Muslim group in the majority Buddhist country and make up around one million of the total 50 million population.

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Dishonest recruiters destroying lives by exploiting Nepali migrants


AFP photo



Amnesty International

The Nepali government is failing to address rampant deception and extortion in the country’s labour recruitment business, putting migrant workers at risk of forced labour abroad and leaving them with crippling debts, according to a report published by human rights NGO Amnesty International.

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Drug Trafficking Organizational Growth


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Ricardo Swire

Brazil’s most notorious gang has expanded within South America, a daring attempt to become the region’s largest Drug Trafficking Organization (DTO).

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