Why ‘Big Brother’ is needed in caring environments



Hazel Speed

I have often written trying to promote the need for all interactions between hospital staff and their patients, paramedics, social care in private homes (including cleaners) and in residential homes, to be voice activated video and audio recorded (all parties to have copies thereof).

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Campaign launched for UK to ban imports from illegal Israeli settlements


AFP photo



Amnesty International

Human Rights NGO Amnesty International have stated that the UK should ban the import of all goods produced in illegal Israeli settlements and help put an end to the multimillion-pound profits that have fuelled mass human rights violations against Palestinians.

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Informal Buyers and Sellers


AP photo



Ricardo Swire

Not long ago an internal security law enforcement tactical team seized a valuable supply of high-powered rifles at Rio de Janeiro–Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport, the weaponry was shipped from Miami, Florida on the Atlantic coast.

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