A Liberal who never trusted the Mainstream Media


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Sami Jamil Jadallah

Not so sure if you are like me, but I am a liberal, not a Democratic or Republican liberal but liberal in the sense that I feel the government must represent and be at the service of the people, all the people, not only Wall Street, Lobbyists and Washington Think Tanks.

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Ritual Murder In Africa


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Isaac Abban

It is quiet surprising and undoubtedly a worrying trend as to why most African societies allow barbaric cultural and superstitious practices to exist in this age of enlightenment and scientific reasoning.

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What is behind the Qatar quarantine?


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Yasser M. Dhouib

It is common knowledge that the recent political crisis in the Gulf is plaguing the political scene in the region and is noticeable also that is having a very negative impact on the world stage, in addition to the Arab world. It is also worth noting that what is behind the move of Saudi Arabia and UAE to quarantine the state of Qatar certainly does not stem from the supposedly established ties with terrorism and its sponsor.

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The Inside War


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Zeeshan A. Shah

For the past eight years India has been the world’s largest arms importer, buying over $100 billion in weapons each year, two-thirds of which are deployed against Pakistan.

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