Macron and Merkel converge on Europe

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Noah Barkin


Back in January, when his chances of winning the French presidency were considered slim, Emmanuel Macron came to Berlin and spelled out what he felt was needed to fix Europe. Continue reading “Macron and Merkel converge on Europe”

Odd Bedfellows


Ricardo Swire

The United States Court for the District of Columbia’s February 17, 2017 indictment of Roxana Baldetti, Guatemala’s former Vice-President cited “criminal association and conspiracy to traffic drugs,” charges that showcased the relationship between a power driven politician and the criminal underworld. Continue reading “Odd Bedfellows”

The Nigerian structure: Fish bone in the neck

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Prince Charles Dickson

Before going to bed, I had to eat something. I opened d fridge yes, all the food had turned to block; the light practically never goes off, so sometimes you just have to switch it off. Continue reading “The Nigerian structure: Fish bone in the neck”