July 12, 2017 Poetry , POETRY / FICTION

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Ron Larson




A Change Of Tune


President Trump wants solar panel installed

On our entire southern border wall.

If that were to occur

The average greener

And other tree-huggers would be appalled.



Some Wisdom From Francis Bacon


A woman plays three roles that she doesn’t rehearse.

At first, she’s her young husband’s carnal universe.

Next, she’s a companion

To her middle-aged man.

At last, she becomes her husband’s faithful old nurse.



The Holiday Heart


If your heart hammers like an unsteady ball-peen,

Maybe you should stop using anti-histamines.

If you don’t use them,

I therefore suggest then

It could be the alcohol, caffeine, or nicotine.



Target Practice


If we want to thwart the North Koreans

And improve our anti-missile system,

I suggest that we

Should immediately

Attempt to shot down their ICBMs.






Ron Larson

Ron Larson is a retired community college professor (Ph.D.), and one of his hobbies is writing poetry. Some of his poems have been published in such diverse magazines as Westward Quarterly, Aphelion, Soul Fountain, Big Pulp, The Horror Zine, and, of course, Tuck Magazine. His book 538 Limericks from 2016 Politics was released in December 2016 and is now available on Amazon.


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